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“Since chronic diseases are, to a large extent, preventable, the significance of lifestyle interventions in rehabilitation and prevention is beyond controversy. In recent years, health coaching has emerged as a promising intervention to initiate behavioral changes and improve health*.”

*Long-term effectiveness of  health coaching in rehabilitation and prevention: A systemic review, Science Direct, Patient Education and Counseling Vol 100 Issue 9, Sep 2017 P1643-1653

Our team of certified health coaches are specialists in behaviour change. Trained to guide, motivate and empower clients to achieve their health goals, we provide support and accountability to YOU so you can make sustainable changes for healthier lives. We support YOU in creating new positive behaviours to optimise your health and prevent the progression of lifestyle-based conditions such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Whether you need help in losing those extra kilos or simply to maintain a healthy weight, or to quit smoking, or to manage a chronic condition like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc., our health coaches use an integrative, team-based approach focusing on three areas: nutrition, physical activity and behavioural modification.  

The reason why our health coaching programme will work for you - whatever your health goals may be - is that it recognizes your individuality. We emphasize on bio-individuality, which is the concept that what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. That’s why at Health Coach International, we are never going to “prescribe” a diet plan for someone, or create strict guidelines by which our clients must follow. Instead we act as a guide to health and wellness so that YOU our client can start to navigate what works for you, and thus stay heathy for life!

Email us today or complete this pre-assessment for a complimentary health coaching session so we can discuss your needs.



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