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To lose weight, you have to get healthy first. Sounds paradoxical? You see, many people set a goal to lose so they can get healthy, look better, feel happier and more energetic, and so on. So they look for the fastest and easiest way to drop those kilos and kick out the fats, some spending thousands on machine treatments, wraps while others go on aggressive diets. Unfortunately, time and again, many will bounce back, often ending up heavier than before they got started!


At Health Coach International, we take an integrative approach to health and wellness. We understand the importance of getting you healthy first – to reset your cells and body functions to optimal level before you reshape your body.  Only then, can you keep the extra fats away, and stay healthy for life!


We also understand that weight loss is a personal challenge, and that is why we focus on one-to-one coaching so every program is tailored to meet your needs. At the same time, we also know how adding FUN and EXCITEMENT makes this journey that much easier and enjoyable. As we say, the best diet is the one you don’t know you are on; the best lifestyle is the one you enjoy.


In this 12-week program, you will be guided by a highly competent team of professionals - health coaches, nutritionists, physical trainers and doctors on how to lose weight healthily and make lasting changes that will benefit not just you but your loved ones.


Results are guaranteed; we will help clients not only lose those unwanted kilos but keep them off as well!  This is not a “magic” formula that is here today, gone tomorrow; clients will experience lasting change and health benefits that will stay with them for a lifetime! Research has shown that the majority of people who go on diet programs, may lose weight initially but find a challenge in maintaining that weight loss. We use a combination of behavioural therapy, nutritional therapy and physical activities to get long-lasting and proven results for clients.


WE KNOW YOU LOVE YOUR FOOD… So do we. We also know you have your cultural or religious preferences in terms of food, so we are not about to force you to forego those preferences. What we do want to do, however, is to open your mind to healthier food choices.



This highlight of the 12-week program is a 3-day retreat at a 5-star resort so you can immerse yourself 100% in this important quest to Reset, Reshape and Revitalize your body. It’s going to be life-changing, and at the same time, great FUN – an experience you will treasure for years to come!


This program is crafted explicitly with a holistic and integrative approach to health and wellness to reset, reshape and revitalise you to experience a new you. You will have be guided by highly competent team of professionals - health coaches, nutritionists, nutritional advisors, physical trainers and doctors.


You will learn how to achieve total health and your individual ideal body shape yet still maintaining your lifestyle without making drastic changes that are usually short-lived.


You will also experience immediate results in terms of weight or inch loss, increased energy and vitality. At the same time, you will be pampered as you are treated to a Balinese massage with specially blended essential oils to help improve blood circulation and de-stress, and a relaxing foot massage to remove any blockage along the meridian lines linked to the feet.

*NOW due to the Covid19 pandemic, we are temporarily suspending the retreat and hotel stay. Instead you can go through the entire 12-week program from the comfort of your home.



The programme commences with a PRE-RETREAT and closes with a POST-RETREAT. Before the 5-Day Retreat, we will evaluate and prepare you for the event. We will kick-off with an online assessment to set the baseline and to better understand your personal needs. If you have any health issues or personal concerns, now is the time to highlight them, so we can personalise the programme for you.


You will also start with a 7-Day detox to strengthen your liver and kidneys before the retreat at the comfort of your home. A personal health coach will be your buddy. This is important before any weight loss, as toxins are mostly stored in fat cells, and once the fat cells are successfully burned, these toxins will be released. We want to be sure your liver and kidneys are functioning optimally when this happens.



The program doesn’t stop there – you will be guided and coached for the next 12 weeks after you get home so you can continue to practice what you have experienced in the “real world.”


You will continue to receive follow up health coaching from the Nutritional Advisors, to help you stay focused to reset, reshape and revitalise. After 6 months, there would be a review to check on your progress.


This is an unconventional approach to attaining optimal health and sustained  well-being. Our objective is to help you lose weight healthily with the application of evidence-based holistic perspective to wellness. With this long term approach, you will not only lose those inches and kilos, but also be able to minimise your risks for major diseases. The added advantage: the approach that we advocate will help you decelerate or even reverse the aging process as well!


So you can add more years to your life, and life to the years!


The investment for this life-changing 12 weeks is only USD1380* ( RM5980 for Malaysians; SGD1980 for Singapore residents) and includes the following:

  • 3-day/3-night accommodation at a 5-star resort*

  • All meals at the Retreat

  • Workshops, supermarket tour and cooking classes

  • FUN activities to get you moving

  • Pre-Retreat Detox Program

  • 12 weeks of personalized coaching

  • Healthylicious recipes

  • Invaluable health tips from our health coaches and doctors


By the end of this integrative weight management program, you will be able to:

  • Adopt simple strategies for a healthy lifestyle that suits busy and demanding work life, which will stay with them for life,

  • Appreciate the benefits of proper diet and exercise in for peak performance and optimal health,

  • And lost 0.5 to 1kg per week or 5% to 10% of body weight in 3 months healthily, and maintain a healthy weight for life with good lifestyle habits.


What you will learn:


  1. Reset to Reshape – Importance of Detox

  2. Fat Burning Fundamentals

  3. Diets Don’t Work – Eat, Enjoy & Lose Weight

  4. Bite Size Exercise

  5. Setting Goals for 100% Health

  6. Improve Your Digestion, Heal Your Body

  7. HIIT the Fats

  8. Key to Guilt Free Eating

  9. Turning Stress into Positive Energy

10. Weight Loss Wreckers

11. Achieving 100% Health

      ...and more!


You have the option to live a long, healthy life without giving up one ounce of youthful vitality. You hold the keys. Let us have the honor to help you open the door to a new life for yourself.


Give yourself a treat – you certainly deserve it!

*NOW due to the Covid19 pandemic, we are temporarily suspending the retreat and hotel stay. Instead you can go through the entire 12-week program from the comfort of your home. Our coaches will visit you at your home or coach you online if you prefer, for 12 whole weeks, until you achieve the results you desire. Results are guaranteed. *Normal fee is USD1380, for this period, you pay only USD880 - a whooping USD500 off! (SGD1280) You can register via EventBrite or write to us at


“Great programme which delivers real results.” – Muloongo Muchelemba, Standard Chartered Bank, who lost 14.9kg and 6.5inches off her waist after 12 weeks, and a further 5kg one month after the programme. Today, one year after the start of the programme, she has lost a total of 25kg.  (video testimonial @

“This programme is an eye opener for me to be proactive in my own health and to eat healthy with healthy lifestyle. A good way to start with healthy living in 2019!” – Noormalah Atan, Singapore Press Holdings

“I really love this program as it provides a good overview of detox and its benefits as well as practical daily applications for exercises, food intake and meditation. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt loads of stuff which are practical and easy to implement.” – Anne Yap, Page Advisor


“A wonderful program with factual details to help me move forward in my journey towards better health.” – Andre Du Pratt, Ministry of Home Affairs


“I wanted to lose weight so I can look and feel good. After 50 days, I lost 11kg and 8 inches off my waist! I’m glad there’s also a reduction in my visceral fats. Now my face looks sharper. I also feel more energetic, more alert.” – Diana Koh


“A big thank you to my health coaches; I've learnt so much from you! I've been through many diets, this is the only one that is sustainable and most of all, getting me to be more healthy!!! I dropped a dress size, very happy and motivated indeed!!!” - Magdalene




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