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A fresh start for yourself! NOW is the time to take control of your health, and live the life you truly deserve!

In this 12-week program, you will be guided by a highly competent team of professionals - health coaches, nutritionists, physical trainers and doctors on how to lose weight healthily and make lasting changes that will benefit not just you but your loved ones.



At Health Coach International, we take an integrative approach to health and wellness. We understand the importance of getting you healthy first – to reset your cells and body functions to optimal level before you reshape your body.  Only then, can you keep the extra fats away, and stay healthy for life!


Weight loss has always been a personal challenge to many, and that is why we focus on one-to-one coaching so every program is tailored to meet your needs. Our approach is to get you healthy first, and you will lose weight.


At this 3-day life changing retreat, you will not only be have FUN and EXCITEMENT, but also grow into the practice of healthy eating, and a healthy lifestyle, long after you get back home. You will discover for yourself how much FUN living and being healthy is!


Before the 3-Day retreat, we will evaluate and prepare you for the event. We will kick-off with an online assessment to set the baseline and to better understand your personal needs. You will also do a 7-Day detox before the retreat in the comfort of your home. A personalised health coach will be your buddy.



After the 3-Day retreat, you will continue to receive follow up health coaching from the Nutritional Advisors, to help you stay focused to reset, reshape and revitalise. 

NOW with the Covid19 pandemic, we will be temporarily suspending the retreats. However, the 12-week integrative program is still available from the comfort of your home. Results are guaranteed. Talk to us today!


Register NOW for special rates during this trying period. Now more than ever, you need to stay healthy.

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Meet Your Coaches
“I’ve lost over 9kg in 3 months, thanks to the direct support on weight management and food choice from my health coaches on an almost daily basis even after the three months! With their guidance, I have become aware on the right kind of food to buy whenever I’m in the grocery stores. As I took the right nutrient-dense foods daily, and with exercise, I feel better both in alertness and energy level, and my health has improved over time.” – Orathai Tantimedth

“Great programme which delivers real results.” – Muloongo M, who lost 14.9kg and 6.5inches off her waist after 12 weeks, and a further 5kg one month after the programme. In her last measurement, which is 11 months after the programme, she has lost a total of 25.3kg! Her visceral fats have also dropped by half. She definitely looks good and feels great too!