Health Coach International 12-Week

Smoking Cessation Programme

There are plenty of reasons why you should quit smoking: Reduced medical costs, lower number of sick leave and increased productivity, on the part of the organisation, and of course, for the smoker, better health and longer life span.


Smoking is a major health hazard. There is now an exhaustive body of evidence —including hundreds of epidemiological, experimental, pathological, and clinical studies — to demonstrate that smoking increases the smoker’s risk of death and illness from a wide variety of diseases:


  • Lung cancer risk — increases roughly 50 to 100 percent for each cigarette smoked per day.

  • Heart disease risks — increases roughly 100 percent for each pack of cigarettes smoked per day.

  • Switching to filter-tip cigarettes reduces the risk of lung cancer roughly 20 percent, but does not affect the risk of heart disease.

  • Smokers spend 27 percent more time in the hospital and more than twice as much time in intensive care units as nonsmokers.

  • Each cigarette costs the smoker five to twenty minutes of life.

  • A smoker is at twice the risk of dying before age sixty-five as a nonsmoker.


Indeed, the U.S. Surgeon General has called cigarette smoking “the chief preventable cause of death in our society.” The National Institute on Drug Abuse has estimated that in the U.S. alone, smoking is responsible for approximately 350,000 deaths per year.

Most smokers accept the fact that smoking is harmful, but many think of this risk as something like a game of roulette: They believe that each cigarette they smoke is like placing a bet. The “prize” is a heart attack, lung cancer, or some other disease. If your “number’ comes up, you’ve had it, but if you are “lucky” and your number never comes up, you may avoid the hazardous effects of smoking altogether and live to a ripe old age totally unaffected by your smoking habit.

Nevertheless, it has been found that three out of four smokers would like to quit. Five out of six say they would not start smoking in the first place, if they had the choice to make over again. In fact, most smokers eventually do quit smoking. The 1989 Surgeon General’s Report estimated that almost 50% of all adults who had ever smoked regularly had quit.

But to quit smoking isn’t easy. Studies have shown that many successful quitters failed in their first attempts to quit. 

That’s why at Health Coach International, we are committed to help you quit smoking, stay smoke=free for life and regain your health.

Our 12-week Smoking Cessation Programme comprises group coaching, group activity and sharing, workshops on work-life balance and stress management; nutrition and exercise, smoking replacement strategies; as well as one-on-one coaching.


The outline of the programme is as follows:

  1. Awareness Workshops: Profile of a Smoker - Which do You Belong to?, Why Smoking is Harmful to Your Health

  2. Why Do You Smoke? Understanding the Triggers and How to Destroy Them

  3. Developing a Quit Smoking Plan That Works for You - Choosing the Right Method

  4. What You Need to Help You Quit - Tools and Tips, Smoking Replacement Strategies

  5. Setting and Preparing for Your Quit Day - Gaining Self-Control, Anticipating Temptations, Diet and Exercise, Managing Stress

  6. Follow up After First Two Non-Smoking Weeks - Celebrating Your Success, identifying Symptoms of Recovery

  7. What Happens if You Slip? Review and Re-chart if necessary.


Your Support: Your Coach, Your Buddy and Fellow Quitters

Patrick YC Lim is the principal coach who will be guiding you along this adventure. Patrick is  is the founder and principal trainer and coach for Health Coach International, which provides training and coaching in the areas of coaching, personal branding, communication, career and health.


He is a Certified Quit Smoking Consultant, Certified Professional Trainer, Certified Professional Coach (IPMA, UK), Certified NLP Practitioner (NFNLP) and Certified Neuro Semantics Practitioner (ISNS). He also holds an Advanced Certificate in Training (ACTA) and Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) under Singapore WDA, and a Diploma in Diet and Nutrition Advanced (SAC UK).


Patrick was himself a smoker for 23 years before he quit cold turkey on 12 June 1999, and has stayed smoke-free ever since. 


For queries and to discuss your organisational needs in detail, write to or call WhatsApp us at +65-8870 0519. 

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How can I Quit?

Smoking harms almost every tissue and organ in the body, including your heart and blood vessels. Smoking also harms nonsmokers who are exposed to second-hand smoke, and even third-hand smoke which stays on your home furniture, clothes and hair.


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