Integrative Oncology


A cancer diagnosis isn't a death sentence. It doesn't mean you have to subject your body to toxic and debilitating conventional treatments.


There is an alternative. Our approach both eliminates any current cancer burden and maintains a biological state that does not allow further cancer growth. Patients leave with the knowledge and tools to remain cancer free, for life.


Integrative oncological treatments vary depending upon the patient's individual needs. They include insulin primed low-dose chemotherapy, oxidative therapies, hyperthermia, high dose vitamin IV therapies, GcMAF(GOleic) as well as botanical supplements and education on lifestyle changes.


We continually research emerging cancer therapies and treatments from around the world to test for safety and efficacy. These new therapies are integrated into our protocols and are designed to eliminate cancer cells, stop them reproducing, and strengthen the patient's immune system.


Our three step process:

1. Eliminate

By changing our internal environment to one that is not conducive to cancer, our bodies do what they were designed to do - produce healthy, optimally-functioning cells.

2. Target

We use the most advanced metabolic medical therapies to specifically target the cancer cells and cause them to die without harming the rest of the body or any healthy cells. We then work to eliminate those dead cells and toxins from the body.

3. Strengthen

By stimulating the cells of the immune system we ensure they can work at their optimum to keep us healthy and cancer free. Once we have evaluated each patient, we work on a personalised treatment plan that is reviewed and updated each week to ensure healing happens efficiently with as little discomfort to the patient as possible.




Local and whole body hyperthermia are cancer treatments in which whole body or local tissue is exposed to high temperatures (up to 45 degree centigrade). The temperature influences the tumour microenvironment, sensitising cancer cells to die with minimal injury to normal tissues,and effectively shrinking tumours.


Hyperthermia also interferes with cell repair of the DNA damage caused by radiotherapy, augments chemotherapy uptake into the tumour cells and reverses resistance. This treatment can be given without causing any harm to the patient. Unlike classical radiation where X-rays are used, these microwaves are not radioactive. This therapy is applicable to most cancer patients of any tumour stage and condition. The immune system is neither destroyed nor disturbed by the use of these waves, which means a much faster recovery.


GOeic is a supplement, oleic acid stabilised by its physiological binding protein Vitamin D. Oleic acid is found naturally both in the human body and in olive oil; it is the first thing GcMAF looks for once it enters the body. In the laboratory it is more powerful than standard GcMAF; and has been eradicating cancer in three quarters of the time of GcMAF.

Low Dose Chemotherapy (IPT):

Low Dose Chemotherapy with Insulin (IPT or 'Insulin-Potentiated Low Dose chemo-) Therapy, also known as IPTLD offers the powerful cytotoxic (or "cell-killing") effect of standard chemotherapy on tumours by utilising insulin to target cancer cells.


Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas that regulates metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and excess glucose from the blood.


Cancer cells require much more glucose to function than normal cells. Wth extra insulin receptors on their cell surfaces, the cancer cells are hyper-responsive to insulin. The pre- administration of insulin to awaken the cancer cells, low dose chemotherapy reaches the cancer cells directly and leaves the healthy cells intact thus minimising the side effects. IPT shrinks the cancer because it specifically target cancer cells.