Workplace Outreach Wellness (WOW)

"The workplace is a key setting for promoting the health of adults. Organisation can have a positive influence on employees' health by creating healthy environments, ensuring that organisational policies are conducive to good health, and by providing health promotion programmes and services at work. Organisations are strongly encouraged to adopt a holistic and integrated approach to workplace health." - Health Promotion Board, Singapore


Your company can have in place health promoting policies, fewer smokers, healthier workers with a lower BMI and a system to help them better manage chronic conditions. Sounds good? Then consider the Workplace Outreach Wellness (WOW) package.

Co-funded by HPB, WOW offers medium to large private corporations as well as SMEs a cost-effective opportunity to introduce or enhance their wellness programme for employees. 

We understand that your needs and level of readiness are unique. WOW gives you the choice of selecting from an array of wellness solutions. There are two packages available, Elementary and Advanced.


Find out how you can use the funding from WOW to help your employees achieve work-life balance and thus develop a happy, healthy workforce. Email us at or call us at +65-93360076 for more information NOW!

Definition of Work-Life Balance: The amount of time you spend doing your job compared with the amount of time you spend with your family and doing things you enjoy. (Cambridge Dictionary Online)


S.C. Clark defines work-life balance as “satisfaction and good functioning at work and at home with a minimum of role conflict” (Clark, S.C., 2000,  Work/family border theory: A new theory of work/life balance.  Human Relations, 53,6,747-770)


The components of work-life balance include time allocated for:

  • Work Life/Career

  • Family Life

  • Health - Physical and Mental

  • Friends and Social Communication

  • Hobbies, Interests and Passions

  • Emotional and Spiritual Balance

There is no one “perfect” balance between work and life.  The nature of that balance is different for every individual, and changes over time for each person.  So we shouldn’t strive for perfection, but rather to be constantly aware of making choices that will benefit all aspects of our lives, as much as possible at any particular moment in time.

Achieving work/life balance is an investment – it does take time and effort to implement the changes necessary, and at times, even sacrifices.  But it’s worth the effort! 

Here are some of the potential benefits of maintaining balance in your life: You will feel more rested and energized, with increased productivity, leading to greater career success, and enjoy more work satisfaction and higher morale. You will also have improved relationships with family and friends, better physical and mental health, with the freedom to make more choices based on your priorities, rather than having to sacrifice some, and of course, more leisure time to spend with loved ones, or time for yourself.

Your organisation will benefit immensely as well, with increased productivity, improved staff morale, reduced staff turnover, reduced absenteeism and an overall positive work environment.

The good news is: With the help of the Workplace Outreach Wellness (WOW) package, every organisation in Singapore can strive towards helping each employee achieve work-life balance and thus, greater productivity and a happier nation!

Below are some of the in-house programs we offer to our clients.

Managing Stress

Stress is not necessarily something bad - it all depends on how you respond to stressors in your life. The stress of exhilarating, creative, successful endeavors is energizing, while that of failure, humiliation or loss of control is detrimental.


At Health Coach International, we believe in helping you turn stress into positive energy by following an integrative approach, which starts from the mental perspective, right down to the physical. You will also be equipped with practical skills that can help you regain control of your life.

At the end of the one-day workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize symptoms and causes of pressure and overcome its negativ​e effects on individual performance

  • Communicate effectively and assertively by using a variety of skills

  • Utilize practical steps to manage and be in control of one's available time

  • Cope with stress through physical and mental disciplines

Email us now for more details on our Turning Stress into Positive Energy Program.

Integrative Weight Management

​Most weight loss programs today focus on calorie counting and deprivation diets which have proven to be ineffective as the average dieter often ends up worse off than when they started. Such weight loss programs may also slow down the metabolic rate, making the weight loss more difficult to maintain, and worse, may be detrimental to your health!

Our integrative weight loss program is a proven effective, safe yet fast way to lose weight, with a focus on long-term weight control and prevention of weight gain. Depending on your particular circumstances and health conditions, our team of health coaches use a combination of techniques and strategies to help you not only lose those extra kilos, but also keep them off!

Under the WOW package, our 12-Week Personalised Program, the company pays only $230* per person!!! Normal fee is $1280 per person.


Email us now for a copy of our flyer for details.


*Terms and conditions apply.

Smoking Cessation

If you’ve had a hard time trying to quit (and staying smokefree), then this 12-week programme is for you. You can follow this programme hand in hand with your certified health coach who will help you understand your own personal reasons to quit. Your coach will help you cope with the habit and addiction of smoking, and make sure you stay off cigarettes for good.


Of course, you’re probably wondering why this programme would work for you, when there are so many quit-smoking programmes and guides out there. The reason why the HCI 12-week programme will work for you is that it recognizes your individuality. In order to quit smoking, you need to know why you smoke in the first place, and then you need to know what people, places or things trigger your unique urge to light up.

Once you know why you smoke, you can start working toward overcoming your individual obstacles – this is the surest road to become a nonsmoker for life.


But you know that quitting is not actually the hardest part – the hardest part is sticking to it. The first two weeks are the hardest, and after that the first two months. This programme will show you how to cope.

WOW funding is available for corporate clients. Email us now for more details.